1. You will be treated in a professional manner; with dignity and care at all times.

  2. Your job search needs will be met in a timely manner.

  3. You should clearly understand what services to expect and in what period of time they will be available.

  4. You will have access to a consultant within a reasonable period of time and at a reasonable time throughout the duration of your job search campaign.

  5. You will receive advice, guidance, and consulting regarding effective job search strategies and techniques.

  6. You may expect to receive many of the following services:

    • Consulting for you and your spouse to help you both deal with your changing employment status.

    • Consulting to help you identify marketable skills and transferable assets.

    • Establishment of your criteria for a new career position.

    • Help in the identification of appropriate actions that may be considered, based on immediate/future goals and objectives.

    • Creative guidance and preparation of resumes, letters and other methods of communication necessary for a comprehensive, focused campaign.

    • Network training and use of social media so you can utilize your own contacts effectively.

    • Research individualized to your situation. Extensive up-to-date and verified lists of appropriate recruiters and potential employers.

    • Training in effective telephone technique and interview skills – using video recording, if necessary.

    • Ongoing consulting for pre-interview preparation and post-interview debriefing.

    • Negotiation strategies to enhance an optimal compensation package.

  7. You should be willing to commit to the following:

    • Attend all scheduled consulting sessions.

    • Use your best effort to follow-up on potential employment leads, contacts, and opportunities targeted.

    • Maintain regular communication with your consultant throughout your campaign.

  8. You should not expect your outplacement or career consulting firm to "place" you, or to secure employment for you.

  9. You should remember and recognize the fact that the ultimate responsibility for the successful completion of your job search campaign rests with you. It is your responsibility to control your own life and your career. That responsibility can never be invalidated or transferred to someone else.

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