Our clients often land jobs more quickly than those without our coaching – and it stands to reason. Our coaching prepares them for their job–search in several ways.

  • They are aware and articulate about who they are and what they can offer an employer.

  • They know what kind of job they want and why they'd be good at it.

  • They know how to find opportunities through research.

  • They have a self-marketing document that creates interviews.

  • They know how to interview to obtain job offers.

  • They can negotiate an excellent compensation and benefits package.

As a client, you receive unlimited one-on-one career and/or entrepreneurial coaching for the duration of your program. We do NOT put executives in-group workshops.

Subjects covered in your program might include:

  • Background/Self & Career Assessment ("what I am and what I can offer employers"). This is for self re-invention and re-packaging. It's critical to identify personal characteristics, such as skills, strengths, needs, values and accomplishments, as well as and determine where they "fit" for success. This is the foundation of an effective transition program.

  • Current & Future Career Planning ("where I am going?"). Here we define and develop your career and life goals, as well as objectives.

  • A Self-Marketing Document ("my Resume") A self-marketing document is created which will highlight your experience and relevant accomplishments.

  • The Job Marketplace ("my target organizations"). The local and/or national job market becomes the focus of a target list of organizations that are researched for appropriate open job opportunities.

  • Self-Marketing Through Networkings using Social Media ("the people I know, who know other people with job opportunities"). The networking process and use of social media lead to about 2/3 of all jobs in the U.S.

  • Interviewing Techniques ("to control the conversation and win the offer"). Interview practice and role-play on video help you to obtain the job offer.

  • Compensation & Benefits Negotiation ("get the most salary, perks and benefits"). These methods help to move you into the upper end of the compensation range.

  • Action Plan & Follow-Up ("my plan for success"). Specific time frames for researching, telephoning, mailing and interviewing are established. Evaluations of actions are on-going for the duration of the program.

  • Advancement Techniques ("my plan for advancement in the new job"). Methods to Grow Yourself and Market Yourself Upward will help ensure future upward mobility in our ever-changing workplace.

Your IACCF coach and the resources of the member firm are continually there for you during the length of your program. We want you to succeed!

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