1. Members of the IACCF are expected to design their advertising both to further their respective business plans, and to conform to the ethical advertising and business practices supported by the Association.

  2. The following are minimum standards of ethical advertising for IACCF members.

    • All ads will contain the name of the company and its address.

    • When a specific section or subheading of advertising such as "Career Services", "Executive Guidance", or similar heading is not available, members are encouraged to place ads in the "run of paper" category in general news, sports, or other sections of the newspaper.

    • The service nature of the business (i.e., career development, career management, career marketing, or outplacement vs. recruiting or employment agency) must be clearly indicated.

  3. The following are examples of misleading/unethical advertising and could result in punitive action being taken against a member.

    • Any copy, layout or location which creates the impression that a specific position or positions are being advertised or are available.

    • Any copy, layout or location which creates the impression that the advertiser is in the employment agency, placement and recruitment or search business.

    • The use of specific claims that cannot be supported by facts.

    • The use of statements which offer, promise, or guarantee unrealistic expectations.

    • Advertising or promotional copy which discusses or implies...

    •     The existence of a hidden job market.

          Availability of "special access" to "the unpublished job market."

          Special contacts or an awareness of specific job openings.

          The success performance of clients in percentage terms, unless supported by facts.

          Any prospective increase in income as a result of utilizing the member's services.

          The number of interviews or job offers likely to be obtained as a result of utilizing the
            member's services.

          The time within which it is likely that a new position can be found.

  4. IACCF members are urged to highlight their membership in the Association in all advertising, using the logo as well as the full name of the Association.

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