The purpose of these professional standards is...

  • To establish a level of client satisfaction regarding the services of member firms in the IACCF. It is the intent of these standards to meet or exceed all of a client’s expectations. Member firms of the IACCF are completely committed to offering the most comprehensive approach to identifying and securing a proper career position.

  • To demonstrate to all clients of IACCF member firms and other interested parties, the Association’s resolve that all contractual commitments made by any member firm are fulfilled to the client’s satisfaction.

  • To ensure that each member firm’s practices reflect positively upon the client, our fellow employees, the Association, its members and the industry.

  • To make clear that the standards of our profession are the codes by which we regulate our actions to control our members. Members of the Association are expected to implement these standards to remain a member in good standing.

  • To help in attaining the objectives above, the following specific standards regarding client satisfaction are to be followed...

  • Every member firm shall incorporate the IACCF Bill of Rights in their contracts.

  • Every member firm shall institute a procedure whereby client response forms or sign-offs are gathered from the clients after every consultation and/or other activities, thus allowing the client to express satisfaction with the services, or to identify where help is needed.

  • Every member firm shall institute a procedure whereby each and every contractual commitment made to a client is audited and has been fulfilled/completed to the client’s satisfaction.

  • Each primary consultant of a member firm doing individual consultations will consistently probe the client to be sure his/her needs are being met.

  • It is the member firm’s responsibility to ensure that either their initial consultant or their primary consultant or both, provide the client with a clear, comprehensive understanding of what the firm does and doesn’t do, so that the client’s expectations will be realistic. Therefore, a member firm’s contract should be very clear as to what services the company does provide and/or does not provide. A review of the client’s commitments as outlined in the contract, as well as a review of the Bill of Rights numbers 7, 8, and 9, clearly states the client’s responsibilities.

The provisions for non-adherence by members to these professional standards are outlined in the procedures of the Ethical Standards Committee.

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