It should be established and agreed upon that the successful completion of a client’s search is primarily controlled by the client. Client satisfaction of a firm’s services can and should be controlled by the firm. However, since it’s in the client’s power (and only his/hers) to put forth effort and to accept or decline an offer, a member firm’s contribution to the client’s ultimate success is limited.

It must also be recognized that any form of measurement has to take into consideration whether the client is employed (with limited time to conduct a campaign), or unemployed (with 100 percent of his/her time available for a campaign).

Further, it is agreed that client success is not just "getting a job". The IACCF believes that client success occurs when a new position or assignment is obtained that meets the client's total career expectation(s).

  1. The purposes of this professional standard are…

    • To clarify an accepted definition of client success.

    • To identify those instruments and methods that can be used in measuring a client’s evaluation of his/her successful campaign (ie: being in a position that satisfies current goals).

    • To accept the fact that the "definition" of client success is not merely having the client secure job. It is the acceptance of a "proper" position.

  2. To help attain the purposes above, the following specific standards of client satisfaction, as adopted by member firms of the IACCF, are…

    • All conditions of the standards for client success must be met.

    • The client has enjoyed his/her relationship with the firm.

    • The client has learned all material presented to him or her and has demonstrated his/her proficiency in these new marketing skills by scoring high on a “Core Competencies” test.

    • The client has accepted a new or different position that is desired.

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