Membership is open to individual firms that have career counseling as their principal business activity. Other criteria include:

Ethics and Mission

Agree to abide by all of the standards adapted by the board of the IACCF.

Public Image

Maintain an organized structure, possess a position of financial and social stability; maintain a good reputation and public image within the markets that the firm serves; practice integrity of operation, particularly as may be inferred from advertising, sales techniques and client-firm relationships.

Staffing and Professional Growth

  • Maintain a qualified, experienced staff that exhibits ethical professionalism.

  • Agree that, upon employment, all delivery consultants must actively seek registration with the IACCF and achieve that identification within the first year of membership.


  • Offer preliminary consultation with clients to communicate the service arrangement (clearly, ethically, unequivocally, and mutually) to determine the validity of the client's need for services.

  • Deliver evaluation and analysis of skills, background and talents utilizing acceptable testing devices, subjective data, prior employment references and/or professional analyses by the consulting staff.

  • Assist in the marketing of clients to appropriate target markets, utilizing at least those marketing techniques indicated in the firm's contracts, advertising copy and preliminary consultations, until the client reaches an objective indicating advancement of his/her career that is mutually agreed upon by the firm and the client.

Professional Support

  • Maintain appropriate facilities, supplies, and equipment that will include current reference materials - to include the internet.

  • Provide pertinent support services which, while those services may vary among member firms, are designed to maximize the client's market opportunities within the service delivery agreement of the firm.

  • Provide appropriate support staff and equipment to generate and produce attractive, creative, self-marketing pieces such as resumes, letters, and similar marketing documents.


  • A career consulting firm is neither an employment agency nor a recruiter. A career consulting firm, as its primary business, does not and will not advertise jobs, advertise the provision of interviews, nor share fees with employment agencies. This exclusion presumes and implies that such is not to be used as part of a sales strategy, nor to be offered as a portion of the services that IACCF firms provide to clients.

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