1. The purpose of these professional practice standards is to maintain the highest level of ethics, to strengthen the relationship among our members, to promote the welfare of the entire community, and to ensure that our practices reflect positively upon the individual, our fellow employees, the Association, its members and the industry.

  2. The ethics of our profession are the code by which we regulate our actions and set forth standards for each of our members. Members of the Association are expected to police their own sales presentations to make certain they are honest and free of deception.

  3. To help attain the purposes above, the following specific standards regarding written introductory materials, telephone inquiries and sales presentations are to be followed.

    • No employee of a member firm shall make statements or claims (either verbally or in written form) that contain promises, commitments, guarantees or other assurances (either explicitly or implicitly) to perform any service(s) unless it can be clearly and incontestably demonstrated that the member can and will fulfill such promises, commitments, guarantees or assurances.

    • No employee of a member firm shall resort to the use of high-pressure sales tactics, which are defined as "any strategy, technique, device or means which can be employed to create or influence a sale and which may eventually cause a client to feel he/she was misled into making an ill-advised purchase."

    • No employee of a member firm shall utilize, nor shall the member firm tolerate, the exaggeration of values or the making of statements and/or claims that cannot be substantially documented and validated.

    • No employee of a member firm shall make statements or claims, either verbally or in written form, that imply that the firm advertises jobs, secure the client a job, takes job orders from employers, has specific knowledge of positions, maintains lists of jobs, or sends clients out on interviews.

    • No employee of a member firm shall speak derogatorily about, or attempt to denigrate, a competing firm - whether that competitor is a member of the Association or not.

    • Members are encouraged to make available to prospective clients unambiguous printed materials that are free from the possibility of wide differences of interpretation.

  4. The provisions for disciplining members who violate these professional ethics are outlined in the procedures of the Ethical Standards Committee.

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